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Bohn Pro 3 Do-it-Yourself systems for Walk-ins – Side Mounted – Starting at


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Pre-Fabricated Refrigeration

designed for walk-in coolers and freezers

  • simply mount the unit and connect the power
  • all units come charged with refrigerant
  • some units may require a condensate connection
  • electronic temperature control
  • two year parts warranty


spec sheet


The PRO³ Side Mount packaged refrigeration system, designed to maximize storage space inside walk-in coolers and freezers and optimized for outdoor applications, is ideal for small- to medium-sized restaurant and convenience store applications where maximum airflow is essential for pulling down the temperature of foods or beverages. The system combines evaporator and condensing unit into one unit expediting installation time and reducing refrigerant charge — saving time, money, and energy. The reduced refrigerant charge, compared to comparable split systems, and availability of EC motors, for increased energy efficiency, makes this product line qualified to be included in theE Solutions™ product portfolio.


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