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Fagor COP-504W Commercial Dishwasher

Lease from $145/month. 

The Fagor COP-504 offers many advantages over similar dishwashers including:

– Built in pressure pump: No minimum pressure requirements.
– Multipower connectivity w/plug: Save money on installation costs.
– IPX4 Certification: Increased protection of electronic components from water.
– Large 15 1/4″ Opening: Wash larger items vs. similar dishwashers.
– Variable Cycle Duration: Modify length of cycle based on use.
– Double Skin Construction: Provides for quiet

This extraordinary dishwasher is ideally suited for restaurants, daycare facilities, catering businesses, community centres, and others.


40 racks per hour (factory preset)
14-40 racks per hour (min-max power output range)
Standard rack size 20” x 20”
dimensions – 23 5/8″ x 23 5/8″ x 32 3/4″

spec sheet

Contact us about discounts on detergent. 



Effi Wash: New hydraulic system strengthens mechanical action combined with perfect clear water.

Effi Rinse: Built-in water pressure pump and air brake system assuring a linear 180°F full rinsing cycle.

Effi Silent: double skin for extra insulation on body and door.

Eco Fill: New thermostatic water tank filling system speeds up drastically the start-up

Soft Start: Wash-pump power control prevents wares from damage and reduces noise.

Multi Power: easily adapt the power level to your consumption and production needs.

Digital control panel with temperature display.



New stainless steel body structure with stamped design: wash tank, rack guides, control panel…

Stainless steel tray filters and wash/rinsing arms, independent.

Higher clearance: 15 1/4”.

Rock counterbalanced door, 3 step open system

IPX4 – Stronger humidity protection.

Multi-connection box: easy maintenance, phase and power level conversion in the field.

Built-in detergent, pressure and drain pumps.


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