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Master-bilt 10 bilt Walk-ins

10-Bilt walk-ins include all the features of the Quick Ship program plus additional sizes and options. These coolers, freezers and combinations ship within 10 business days after order receipt.

Call for pricing and shipping details.

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Standard Features

  • 4″ thick panels
  • Coolers, freezers and combo units available
  • Indoor and outdoor models available
  • Single compartment walk-in widths range from 5’10” to 13’6″ (widths of 11’7″ and 13’6″recommended for indoor installations only, consult factory for more information)
  • Unlimited lengths on single compartments
  • Single compartments available in heights of 7’2″, 7’6″, 8’2″ and 8’6″
  • Single compartments available with or without a floor
  • Combo units range in widths from 7’9″ to 9’8″ and in heights of 7’6 and 8’6″. Length is unlimited when using remote refrigeration systems (maximum single compartment length for PRS-2 applications is 13’6″)
  • Odd foot nominal increments
  • Combo units available in with-floor freezer/less-floor cooler and with-floor freezer/with-floor cooler
  • Choice of 26″, 30″ or 36″ wide door
  • The wall and roof finish is 26 gauge acrylic coated stucco galvanized steel
  • .080 textured aluminum floor finish, where required
  • Refrigeration is available in either pre-assembled remote M-Series systems or PRS-2 packaged systems with standard-duty and heavy-duty Options
  • Outdoor models contain a weather hood for the roof-mounted refrigeration system, membrane covering for the walk-in roof and rain canopy’ for the entry door
  • Most indoor models with PRS-2 systems come with a power cord so the unit can be plugged in and no piping or components to field install


  • Door & frame kick-plates (factory-mounted)
  • 4 foot fluorescent light fixtures – shipped loose (less bulbs)
  • 4 foot LED light fixtures (shipped loose)
  • Vinyl strip curtains for entry doors (shipped loose)
  • Exterior floor ramps
  • Interior floor ramps (Centered in the width, or “short” dimension for even nominal sized single compartment and with-floor combos. Offset on odd-sized models.Centered in the partition for with-floor/less-floor combos.)
  • 14″ x 14″ view windows for coolers and freezers (freezer windows are heated)
  • MBWA-1 Controller
  • LED Light Fixture (in lieu of CFL fixture)
  • Third hinge
  • Tamper-resistant screws for door hardware
  • Heated and insulated receivers on remote refrigeration units
  • Pre-assembled kit for remote refrigeration systems on qualifying models (expansion valve and properly-sized orifice factory pre-mounted)
  • Factory-installed liquid line solenoid/temp control kit for remote refrigeration systems on qualifying models (pre-assembled kit required)
  • Standard trim and closure panels


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