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Winston Collectramatic Fryer Systems

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  • Pressure fryers.
  • Filtration systems.
  • Holding Cabinets.
  • Cook and hold ovens.
  • Thermalizer ovens.





Winston Industries came into being because of a partnership with a famous Colonel when we developed a fryer specifically to meet the needs of his restaurants.

Operators using Collectramatic fryers can expect a consistent, evenly fried product every cook cycle with little attendant labor. Foods are ideally cooked on the outside, moist and delicious on the inside. Programmable microprocessor controls are easy to use and store cook times and temperatures for up to eight products. The unique design, cold zone collector, and filtration technology make all-day cooking possible with very little or no filtration. Flavor transfer is nearly eliminated and shortening life is dramatically extended. The Collectramatic fryer is available in several configurations including open fryers and high-efficiency low-pressure models.


CVap, or Controlled Vapor Technology, is a true game changer when it comes to the outstanding quality of the food prepared using it. It provides precision control over a food’s temperature, moisture, and texture, preserving juiciness or crispness and everything in between. It also increases yields when cooking and the length of time food will remain at just-cooked quality while holding. It does this by controlling not only air temperature like traditional warming appliances, but also utilizing controls to maintain the food moisturize (evaporator) temperature. And since food is mostly water, CVap is the best choice for cooking and holding foods at their optimal level of doneness and texture, for extended periods of time.

Controlled Vapor Technology comes wrapped in a variety of configurations, from single drawers to full-size cabinets and from models that will perform multiple cooking functions to single-purpose appliances. From fast food to fine dining, operators and chefs are discovering that CVap products provide a level of control and flexibility that nothing else in the kitchen can match.



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